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Building a new consumption pattern, the high-end home appliance market is getting better and better

subverting the thinking of low-end price war and advocating high-end brand value war. Under the current era background, the competition among enterprises refocuses on the origin of product value

on June 26, the first 2018 "new middle class life + Forum" co sponsored by China electronics chamber of Commerce, Suning e-commerce and ovicloud was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. This forum brought together Casati, a.o. Smith, Samsung, boss electric, Midea, AEG, vatti, Panasonic, Changhong chiq, Jiuyang and other well-known Chinese and foreign high-end household appliance brands as well as government agencies, industry associations, retail channels and mainstream media to exchange and discuss the consumption concept of high-end quality life of the new middle class in the field of household appliances. At the forum, the China electronics chamber of Commerce, Suning Tesco and ovicloud jointly released the white paper on the consumption trend of new middle class high-end household appliances (hereinafter referred to as the white paper), which gave a detailed interpretation of the good life brought by high-end household appliances

since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, "consumption upgrading" has become a frequently mentioned high-frequency word. According to the 2017 report on the development of Chinese residents' consumption released by the national development and Reform Commission, the Engel coefficient of Chinese residents in 2017 was 29.3%, which has entered the 20% - 30% affluence range classified by the United Nations. Lipumin, Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in recent years, China's residents' consumption has continued to expand and upgrade, and has entered an important period of sustained growth in consumption demand, accelerated upgrading of consumption structure, and significantly enhanced the role of consumption in driving the economy, showing a series of changes from paying attention to the satisfaction of weight to the pursuit of quality improvement, from tangible products to more service consumption, and from imitative wave draining consumption to personalized and diversified consumption. Under this trend, the new middle class rises quietly. They pay attention to enjoying the quality of life and cultural taste, and are important promoters of "consumption upgrading". At a time when "consumption upgrading" has become a new driving force for China's economy, the growing population of the new middle class will bring about a significant increase in consumption related to quality of life and aesthetics, such as product and cultural consumption, and will eventually change China's industrial structure and consumption structure

from the perspective of consumption structure, quality consumption has become an important direction of consumption upgrading. In terms of household appliances, the new middle class will undoubtedly be its largest audience. At this stage of consumption upgrading and rising demand for quality, household appliance enterprises have realized the strong consumption ability and demand brought by this class, and high-end brands have become one of the main strategies of household appliance manufacturing enterprises in the future

the white paper points out that at present, the middle class pays more attention to personalization and customization when purchasing high-end household appliances, pays attention to brand and quality, has a high-quality life concept, and 50% of consumers choose products that meet their preferences; 40% choose brands they are familiar with and trust, and 4% choose to show their identity. More than 70% of consumers choose to enjoy high-quality life and obtain excellent product quality and experience

fanzhijun, vice president of Suning retail group, said that Suning's o2o integration model played an important role in the sales of high-end products and became the preferred channel for consumers to buy. The share of retail sales of high-end household appliances above 6000 yuan in the domestic household appliance market table 1 the main features of special engineering plastics have been increased to 28%, and the contribution of high-end products from Suning channel has reached 35%

as the leading channel for consumption upgrading, the sales of medium and high-end products continue to rise, and has always been the main sales channel of household appliances, accounting for 69% of the retail sales. Relying on the experience advantages of more than 5000 Internet stores nationwide, Suning is the first sales channel for high-end household appliances, with the offline retail sales of high-end products above 6000 yuan accounting for 87%

with the deepening of the supply side structural reform, the structure of household appliances has been continuously optimized, new driving forces of the household appliance industry have been constantly 20. Jigs [jig] have been bred, new products and technologies have flourished, and their vitality and strength have been continuously enhanced. With the rapid upgrading of consumption concept, people pay more attention to the quality experience of home appliances and better visual enjoyment. Lu Renbo, Deputy Secretary General of China electronics chamber of Commerce, believes that promoting the upgrading of the household appliance industry pattern with product and technological innovation is the foundation for the continuous progress and development of the household appliance industry. How to make high-end household appliances meet the consumption needs of the new middle class has become the best priority for household appliance enterprises in the future

according to the white paper, high-end and intelligence have become the main features of ice washing, kitchen and bathroom products and household appliances. As a leader in the relatively mature ice washing market, Samsung Zhimu multidimensional double drive washing machine upgrades the traditional washing method and realizes the "combination of two forces" by carrying "dual motor and dual drive inner cylinder". The artistic presentation of Panasonic cabinet washing machine combined with aesthetic design is refreshing. It has become the best combination of art and life, and once formed a leading wind vane of "cabinet aesthetics"

kitchen and bathroom appliances are highly adapted to the rise of embedded housing pattern, and a new trend of free embedded is still taking shape. The dishwasher for the boss, which is born for the Chinese kitchen, is more safe to place the tableware in the drawer design, which is in line with the height of the human body, convenient for users to take the dishes and chopsticks, and more humanized

in addition, health has increasingly become the focus of attention, and users are more willing to pay for health. A. O. Smith formaldehyde purifier targets and adsorbs the continuously released formaldehyde, making the modified activated carbon break through the limit again, solving the consumption pain points and defining a new lifestyle. Due to the upgrading of technology, the original mature rice cookers have gradually entered the growth period, realizing the secondary upgrading. Midea Jiuqu braised IH rice cookers redefine good rice for consumers from five aspects: taste, sweetness, water content, cooking and special rice, and truly open a new enjoyment of delicious food in consumers' kitchens

from the pursuit of ownership in the past to the pursuit of experience now, the positioning of high-end household appliances fully caters to this changing trend, which can also be understood as the concrete embodiment of "Maslow's hierarchy of needs" in the field of high-end household appliances. It is expected that China's high-end home appliance market will continue to grow in the future

wenjianping, chairman of aoweiyun, believes that the growth of the new middle class is the product of economic development, which will promote major changes in the consumption structure of household appliances, and also bring new consumption and new opportunities to household appliance enterprises

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