Cisco will close interclou at the end of March nex

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Cisco will close the Intercloud public cloud service at the end of March next year.

it is understood that Cisco will close its own Intercloud services (CIS) public cloud next year

we got the message that the service will be terminated from Kip Compton, vice president of Cisco cloud platform and services

compton said: today we are taking an important measure to better adjust our resources so that we can implement Cisco's cloud strategy. From march31,2017, the CIS multi tenant hosting platform will be closed, and all tenants will be completely migrated to other platforms

Cisco announced the launch of Intercloud in September, 2014, positioning it as an openstack based platform that can easily migrate work between data centers, such as eliminating such causal loads, and believes that the platform can well transform its business and that of its partners into subscription services

this vision is obviously more difficult to implement than expected, because Compton said in his letter that Cisco now decides to focus on enterprise hybrid cloud and SP network function virtualization

all our efforts need to jointly promote this strategy, so that we can provide competitive products for customers in these key areas. According to our assessment of resources and consistency, it is obvious that continuous investment in cis platform will not help us implement Cisco cloud strategy

Cisco has previously stated that it intends to weaken Intercloud in hybrid services, but has not explicitly stated to terminate the platform

compton said that this decision is not a reflection of any measures taken by our enterprise organization, but a strategic decision

the users of the platform will receive the annual interest on the closing of the platform from tomorrow

compton said that now our focus should be on how to successfully migrate users on the platform, and ensure that we provide reliable availability and performance until the last user successfully moves out. We will work closely with all users to ensure their migration to other platforms, and we will provide help when they need it

I know that this is a difficult time. The release of this news will certainly have a great impact on our CIS customers and our own team. I remain committed to transparency in this matter

it is understood that service providers that have adopted the platform may retain CIS after the termination date on March 31, and other CIS that have been implemented and run outside of independent Cisco may also be suspended

people who know about Intercloud say that in all the fields where the operation of public plastic granulator with outstanding performance touches on the national economy, Intercloud is not ahead of the cloud

openstack public cloud development has been bumpy: Rackspace thinks it can build business based on the public cloud platform, but it still encounters a nail. HP launched its own Helion public cloud. If Cisco really wants to change this direction, the openstack Corps has something to think about carefully


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