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Weichai's view on quality in my hands the author's view on quality in my hands the author's view on Weichai's view on quality China Construction machinery information the whole chain operation mode of Weichai (WOS) with "quality in my hands" as the core concept is an operation mode that inherits the corporate culture, promotes the continuous improvement of the whole process and the whole chain, and realizes the enterprise development strategy. The basic connotation of wos is to unify the management language with indicators, improve efficiency with order, lock customer needs with processes, and enhance enterprise value with services. It has established a standard process system and a continuous improvement system of the whole staff, the whole process and the whole chain, providing a replicable and popularized model for the transformation and development of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises

recently, the author went to Weichai to have a dialogue on quality control, intelligent manufacturing and craftsman spirit under Weichai wos system, and let people feel the practical role of wos through fresh cases

guard the quality lifeline with the whole staff and the whole life cycle

in the production workshop of Weichai, every operator carries out extremely strict operating standards. Slogans such as "landing is waste" warn everyone to be careful. Weichai even has strict regulations on the bending range, arm posture, holding weight, holding time, walking time and operation cycle time in each operation cycle. Each step of production is carefully decomposed to the extreme, and high standardized operation ensures high consistency and high reliability of products

70 years ago, Weichai has always adhered to the strategy of strengthening the enterprise through quality. With the core concept of "quality in my hands", Weichai has created a unique quality management model through full participation, continuous improvement and throughout the product life cycle

after decades of hard work, Weichai's product quality has been continuously improved, and its quality competitiveness and brand cluster effect have been greatly improved. The products have won the respect and recognition of customers and partners at home and abroad, and won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award, the nomination award of China Quality Award, and the title of China quality benchmarking enterprise

quality is in everyone's hands

the level of employees' quality awareness is related to the quality of products. No matter how advanced processing equipment is, no matter how perfect the quality system is, people need to implement it

based on the participation of all staff, Weichai has implemented the quality culture of "quality in my hands" from top to bottom, truly creating an atmosphere in which "everyone values quality, creates quality and enjoys quality" from top managers to front-line employees

Weichai has developed and implemented a product manager system, in which the company's senior executives serve as the product manager of each series of products, which is linked to the annual performance, strengthens process management, and is responsible for the quality of the whole product life cycle. At the same time, a matrix quality management mode has been established in all directly affiliated units and subsidiary companies, that is, a three-level PQC (Product Quality Committee) has been established to achieve cross functional collaboration and rapid problem solving. Leaders at all levels directly serve as PQC director, and drive the personnel of procurement, design, process, manufacturing, quality and other departments to directly participate in the solution of quality problems. While improving the efficiency of solving problems, it also strengthens the awareness of personnel at all levels

in daily operation, Weichai has carried out various activities such as "quality trustworthy posts", "quality trustworthy employees", "quality stars" and "quality trustworthy teams" to strengthen the quality integrity awareness of front-line employees. Use the incentive lever to establish the customer satisfaction index of management and technical personnel, and improve the quality and integrity awareness of management and technical personnel

through the general mobilization of all the staff, "do not accept", "do not manufacture" and "do not transfer" non-conforming products has not only become the work principle of the staff on the production site, but also become the work standard consciously observed by all the staff, truly promoting the implementation of the quality culture

in subsidiary companies at home and abroad, Weichai has also spared no effort to replicate the mature and feasible quality control model. After several years of promotion, the company has achieved remarkable results in Faraday, Italy, which not only significantly reduced the manufacturing cost, promoted the marginal contribution rate of products, but also greatly improved the quality control ability in the production process

take promoting the quality upgrading of the industrial chain as its own responsibility

as a quality benchmarking enterprise in the automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai, with an open mind, performs its responsibilities, and promotes advanced quality management methods to enterprises at both ends of the industrial chain, driving the quality upgrading of the industrial chain and boosting the continuous improvement of the quality management level of the industry

in terms of quality control of the supply chain, Weichai has formulated the supplier quality credit rating standard, and guided suppliers to improve the industry quality reputation by implementing the method of linking the quality credit rating with the supply proportion, inspection frequency, supply price, payment method, etc

in terms of improving customers' preference for quality, Weichai has strengthened the credit control of client products, continuously improved the "Three Guarantees" standard, provided customers with value-added services, actively participated in market visits, promotion, research and other activities of vehicle manufacturers, and assisted the OEMs in quality improvement and improvement activities

as the initiator, Weichai also established a "quality ministers' Alliance" among upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, regularly sharing internal excellent experience, exchanging advanced quality management concepts and methods at home and abroad, and constantly improving the overall level of quality management in the industry

implement standards and develop standards

as a leading enterprise in the internal combustion engine industry, Weichai actively participates in the formulation and revision of national, industrial and relevant professional standards. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 44 national and industrial standards, and has become the backbone in the standardization of internal combustion engines in China. Among them, the standards directly related to the quality of internal combustion engine products include: cleanliness requirements for parts, technical approval specifications for parts, technical conditions for delivery and acceptance of parts, inspection specifications, measurement and calibration specifications, etc

the person in charge of Weichai quality department said: "Weichai is not only a 'strict standard executor', but also an 'authoritative standard setter'. This dual identity makes wei2. functional rich Chai extremely picky about quality and intolerant of quality problems. In practice, Weichai truly takes quality as the lifeline."

is "intelligent manufacturing", but also "quality manufacturing"

the creation of high-quality products, which not only relies on the manufacturing standards of excellence, rigorous and effective quality control system, advanced manufacturing equipment and highly intelligent information support system, but also is the soil for Weichai to breed "high-quality products"

smart factory breeds high-quality products

there are black square boxes in the processing line of Weichai Power Plant 1, which is just one part of atlas tightening machine system - industrial computer box. The tightening of engine cylinder head bolts is a key link affecting product quality. Each bolt shall be screwed several times, and the tightening position shall be strictly controlled, so manual operation will inevitably make mistakes. Intelligent manufacturing turns all problems into nothing. Not only can the operation be accurate to the slightest bit, but also we can see from the collected information that every unqualified product is marked, and at the same time, the controller will give an alarm, "there are four bolts on each cylinder head, because the strong bolt principle is to use only once, even if only one of the bolts is unqualified, we should remove all the bolts, scrap them, and reinstall them."

plant 1 is the most important heavy-duty engine production base of Weichai, and also a demonstration base for enterprises to promote intelligent manufacturing. Since 2014, No. 1 factory has independently carried out equipment intelligent transformation with equipment intelligent upgrading as a breakthrough. Relying on the chief technician studio, plant 1 has established an equipment intelligent manufacturing research team with senior technicians, equipment technicians, technicians and equipment support personnel as the core, which deeply integrates automation technology, information technology and equipment technology, replaces people with machines, endows people with wisdom, not only liberates employees from physical labor, but also promotes the continuous improvement of process quality control ability

"6+n+x" supports the whole process quality control

"our understanding of intelligent manufacturing is not limited to the intellectualization, automation and digitization of production equipment, but also extends to the operation of the whole enterprise. That is, we use the Internet to connect all business ends of the group, and promote the upgrading of production elements from 'primary physical level connection' to 'intelligent service connection', so as to realize information sharing, high integration of resources, and substantial improvement of efficiency." Caozhiyue, director of Weichai Power informatization, said that through the "Internet +" path, we can improve production efficiency, shorten R & D cycle, improve product quality and fast delivery, and meet customers' personalized needs at lower cost, high efficiency and high quality

based on this understanding, Weichai has established an information system covering the whole business process, with the goal of promoting the deep integration of industry information and industrialization, forming an "6+n+x" information system for the whole process. That is, six information platforms support lean management and global collaboration throughout the product life cycle, N management platforms support the group's scientific decision-making and digital operation, and X basic platforms support global network interconnection, centralized data storage and efficient interaction, so as to realize the automatic and real-time information identification of the whole process from the company's internal to the upper and lower supply chains, and achieve the quality traceability of the whole process of products

traditional workshops do not have good solutions for monitoring equipment status and product quality. They mostly rely on manual on-site inspection. In intelligent factories, all real production scenarios have corresponding digital displays in computers, including WIP information, equipment status data, production beat, etc. Through the exploration and innovation in intelligent manufacturing, Weichai has organically combined the various components of the whole workshop to form a chain reaction, and truly realized the "one spot and the whole rhyme". If you have other questions in the process of operating the concrete pressure testing machine, the quality control will be more transparent and targeted

in recent years, Weichai has made remarkable achievements in information construction. In 2015, Weichai Power Diesel Engine Intelligent Manufacturing comprehensive pilot demonstration project was identified as one of the 46 pilot demonstration projects by the Ministry of industry and information technology. In 2016, Weichai Power's project "construction of high-end diesel engine intelligent factory based on equipment intelligence and industrial big data" was selected into the intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new mode application project of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In 2017, Weichai Power's project "construction of industrial cloud service support platform based on big data of product life cycle" was shortlisted for the "2017 pilot demonstration of integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet" project of the Ministry of industry and information technology

the implementation of these projects has laid a solid foundation for Weichai's quality control in the whole process and life cycle

high end products lead the market. Weichai Power's performance soared

on August 31, 2017, Weichai Power Co., Ltd. released its 2017 semi annual report. According to the report, Weichai Power achieved an operating revenue of about 72.313 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 69.90%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 2.65 billion yuan, a significant increase of 147.40% year-on-year

in the first half of this year, Weichai Power adhered to the market orientation, relied on advantageous businesses, seized the opportunity of explosive growth in the industry, accelerated the adjustment of product and business structure, continuously enhanced its market competitiveness and scale strength, and continued to maintain a rapid development momentum. The company continued to lead the industry upgrade with gratifying results

in the first half of the year, Weichai Power sold 179000 engines for heavy trucks婴幼儿消化不良怎么办

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