Cisco routers in the United States are preset with

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Cisco routers in the United States are preset with "back doors". It is recommended to strengthen security protection.

Cisco routers in the United States have been exposed to serious security vulnerabilities. According to the detection of the domestic network security authoritative technical department, Cisco routers have serious preset "back doors"! Analysts believe that under the condition that China's key network information systems cannot be controlled independently in the short term, active and effective security protection strategies must be taken against the behavior of the U.S. government and Cisco to ensure the security and controllability of China's basic information networks and important information systems. Cisco's information products have a very high share in the Chinese market, and its router products have participated in almost all major projects of basic information networks and important information systems in China. All along, reports of serious security vulnerabilities in Cisco information products, including routers, have been repeatedly disclosed. Over the past decade, CVE station alone has publicly released more than 1300 vulnerabilities related to Cisco products. In its enhanced information channel management, there are 166 vulnerabilities in routers. The most intolerable thing is that, according to the detection of the authoritative domestic network security technology department, Cisco routers have serious preset back doors

the prism plan of the United States has been exposed, and the fig leaf covering its head has been uncovered. The bad behavior of the United States in the cyberspace has been strongly condemned by the world. For a long time, the US government has carried out comprehensive and large-scale information monitoring on its citizens, and organized secret stealing and monitoring activities on politicians, enterprises and people in many countries, especially large-scale and high-intensity network attacks and infiltration on China for a long time. It is a universally acknowledged fact that the United States is the largest cyber attacker and secret stealer in the world today. As a late developing country of information technology, China is the biggest victim of cyber attacks. A large number of key basic information networks and important information systems in China have been set up backdoors or trojans, and many networks have been infected by viruses and become zombies or remotely controlled by terminals to become broilers. In this regard, Cisco did not abide by the minimum business ethics that a technology company does not participate in its government's foreign policies. Instead, it had a hot fight with the US political and military circles, and played an ignominious role by taking advantage of its technical product advantages in China's network information market, becoming an important technical support for the us to promote its Internet power. There is even evidence that Cisco has actively participated in the storm exercise organized by the U.S. government and the military, and is one of the important designers of the recommended catalogue of advanced and applicable cleaner production technologies for national key heavy metal related industries

at first glance, many vulnerabilities in Cisco routers are unintentional design or technical vulnerabilities. However, after in-depth inspection, you will find that many of these vulnerabilities are preset backdoors. For example, the VPN tunnel communication and encryption modules of many mainstream Cisco routers have preset back doors. Using this back door, an attacker can obtain the key and other core sensitive data, and the attacker can restore the VPN encrypted information content to realize data monitoring. For another example, many Cisco routers have hidden surveillance traps. Through these preset trapdoors, attackers can covertly mirror and transmit the network data flowing through Cisco routers to the specified IP address, providing data conditions for network monitoring. However, from the normal management interface and configuration file of the administrator, it is not aware that these data are illegally mirrored and transmitted. For another example, Cisco router has a remote control back door in the maintenance module, which can be triggered by remote network data or by special instructions to configure and control Cisco router. In addition, there are many unknown security vulnerabilities in the design of the access authentication mechanism of Cisco router series products. An attacker can bypass the authentication mechanism to obtain the highest administrative authority. Some can arbitrarily modify the firmware code after lifting the authority, implant the malicious code or backdoor password into the firmware, and trigger it at an appropriate time

just take the security problem of Cisco's router products as an example, which is so shocking

the grim reality warns us that under the condition that China's key network information systems cannot be controlled independently in the short term, we must take active and effective protection strategies for the industrial impact testing machine of the security testing machine in the recent 30 years to ensure the security and controllability of China's basic information network and important information systems in view of the behavior of the U.S. government and Cisco. The first is to carry out more stringent security testing on Cisco information products, including routers, check the types of preset backdoors, count the distribution of vulnerabilities, and evaluate the impact on China's basic information network and important information systems. Second, actively carry out the monitoring of Cisco router data illegal image in relevant industries, and implement technical monitoring step by step in a key way nationwide. Through whole process tracking and monitoring, abnormal and suspicious secret stealing data and remote control behaviors are captured, their technical characteristics are analyzed and mastered, and disposal plans are formulated to block the communication of secret stealing data. The third is to carry out targeted research on Cisco router security reinforcement technology, take targeted reinforcement measures and protection technology solutions for the discovered back doors, independently develop security reinforcement technology products for Cisco routers, formulate corresponding security management measures, and organize pilot and actual deployment step by step and stage. Fourth, establish a security review mechanism based on vulnerability analysis for key network equipment and software products in important parts. In particular, establish a security technology detection mechanism for imported equipment as soon as possible. Before centralized government procurement, implement classified supply chain security audit for key information technology products, carry out in-depth vulnerability detection and analysis, blacklist information technology products with serious security problems, and restrict procurement and application. Fifthly, in view of the security risks in Cisco network switching products, industrial automation control systems, IOT, cloud computing and other fields, a specialized embedded operating system security research laboratory was established to comprehensively carry out vulnerability mining, vulnerability analysis, security detection and security protection technology and method research and tool development, and provide technical support and resource sharing services for relevant evaluation institutions. Source: Chinese youth


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