Cisco telecommuting is not a dream

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Cisco telecommuting, easy handling is not a dream! (welfare at the end of the article)

do you want the boss to see your true face (Fairy)? No

in the meeting, the little boy in the family is crying and crying

after all, he is his own child. He can't help it.

he must go out to appease him, but what if he is still in the meeting

(Note: at present, only the conference host can record the conference)

how long it has not been seen with the hourly workers, and how long it has been disordered at home,

improve the degree of automation and data accuracy; You can also save the experimental parameters

do not know how to write the word "tidy"

video conference should be placed in a garbage dump to expose your messy home

Oh! No

(Note: at present, background replacement is only supported at the end)

suddenly received a notice and wanted to have a separate meeting with American colleagues

there are no colleagues who can save the scene. Almost all of them return to the teacher's English.

one can't understand it, and the meeting is completely blocked

what should I do

(Note: Currently, only conference recording and playback support subtitle generation, and real-time conference subtitle generation will be launched as soon as possible!)

the project is not stopped, and the brain storm is not stopped

when concall is available, how many leaders are recommended to apply for national and provincial key projects? How many colleagues are you talking to me?

the colleagues in charge of recording are n big.

don't you take such a test

the above conditions are experienced by myself or colleagues. If there are any similarities, it is pure coincidence

with such an excellent humanized remote office system,

you can work easily every minute! Efficient and stable

Ding! Benefit time is up:

"Cisco WebEx meetings provides users with a three-month free conference solution

each registered user has his own limitations and limitations in any experiment. He can get up to three free accounts with limited resources, first come, first served"

long press the scan code to fill in the information

open the WebEx meetings conference account

(please wait patiently)

then Ding! Now, you can also

"try Cisco HD video conferencing + unified communication solution for free

have more opportunities to experience 4K Ultra HD intelligent video conferencing terminal for free"

experience the registration time is up to May 30, 2020

long press and scan the code to register for free trial immediately


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