Kvvrp control cable Ji'an primary agent

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Kvvrp control cable Ji'an primary agent

kvvrp control cable Ji'an primary agent

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kvvrp control cable Ji'an primary agent

calculate the possible measurement range and accuracy guarantee range of several path flow meters according to the fluid conditions. Then select the most appropriate drift diameter. □ typical measurement range · measurement range of water nominal diameter inch measurement possible range m3/h normal working range m3/h25a10.65~81.7~1840a/11.3~442.6~4450a22.2~733.3~7380a34.3~1404.6~140 nominal diameter inch measurement possible range m3/h normal working range m3/h100a47.5~2451.50a617~ 54018~540200a834~97034~970 · measurement possible range of air nominal runoff range minimum and measurable flow (nm3/h) Mminch0mpa0.1mpa0.2mpa0.4mpa0.6mpa0.8mpa1mpa1.5mpa2mpa2.5mpa25a1 is the best


1 Signal cable mainly refers to special railway signal cable, which is applicable to the control circuit of railway digital signal, audio signal or automatic signal device with rated voltage of 500V AC or 1000V DC or below

2 Product technical standard:

▲ tb/t railway signal cable

▲ tb/t3100.1 ~ Railway digital signal cable

▲ q/jtl051 Comprehensive shielded signal cable

3 The main models include:

railway signal cable, railway comprehensive sheathed signal cable, railway aluminum sheathed signal cable, railway digital signal cable, Railway internal shielded digital signal cable, railway axle counter signal cable, and railway balise data transmission cable

4 Characteristics of railway signal cable:

the service ambient temperature of the cable is -45 ~ +60 ℃, and the laying ambient temperature is not lower than -10 ℃. The long-term operating temperature of the cable conductor shall not exceed 70 ℃. The aluminum sheathed cable has good shielding performance, and the comprehensive protective layer has certain shielding performance in the process of mold forming. It can be used in the trunk line of Railway Electrification Section or areas with strong electric interference. The bending radius of the cable shall not be less than 15-20 times of the outer diameter. [1]

5 The specifications and standards of signal cables are:

4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 24, 28, 30, 33, 37, 42, 44, 48, 52, 56, 61

at least 4 cores, * * * 61 cores

6 Product function

railway digital signal cable has the function of transmitting analog signal (1MHz), digital signal (2mbit/s), system control information and electric energy with rated voltage of AC 750V or DC 1100V and below. It is applicable to the transmission of control information, monitoring information and electric energy between railway signal automatic block system, axle counter, station coding, computer interlocking, microcomputer monitoring, centralized dispatching, dispatching supervision, high-power electric switch machine and other relevant signal equipment and control devices

in a community near them, more than 20 electrical appliances of the residents' home were suddenly burned yesterday. The residents responded to the power company responsible for supplying power to the community. After retrieving the power monitoring records of the day, the staff of the power company found that many electrical appliances were caused by a sudden rise in voltage. The increase of power leads to the damage of electrical appliances in the homes of many residents in the community. It turned out that the development unit of the community hired a person who lacked electrician knowledge to replace the distribution box of the community. It is true that he accidentally cut the wire. He will ask someone to repair it in time to restore the power supply. However, for the burned out electrical appliances in the villagers' homes, he only said that after the power supply was restored, further treatment would be made according to the damage of each electrical appliance, without mentioning the specific compensation. After doing the relevant work, Qin undoubtedly had a huge business opportunity. Some Ming drove away from the scene. Through the window, you can see the bed, wardrobe, air conditioner and TV in the small space. The two RV belong to the residents on the first floor. The conversion of the truck into a RV has occupied the public space of the community. Moreover, there are certain potential safety hazards in privately connected wires. Once problems occur, not only residents themselves may suffer losses, but also other residents may be affected

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Sales Department:

24 hours (Saturday, Sunday, endless)

fax number: (automatic reception)


mining cables include MC cables, MCP cables, MZ cables, MZP cables, myq cables, my cables, mcptj cables, myptj cables, MVV cables, mkvv cables, MYJV cables, mkyjv cables, mhyv cables, UGF cables, High voltage mining cable, 10kV rubber sheathed cable, 6kV mining cable, mining mobile cable, mining flame retardant cable, MCPT cable, mining rubber sheathed cable

usage this product is suitable for underground power transmission in coal mines. Service conditions: the long-term allowable working temperature of the core is 65 ℃, the laying temperature of the cable is not less than 0 ℃, and the minimum bending of the cable is allowed. The diameter of the document such as the opinions on doing a good job in resolving excess capacity in the coal industry in 2017 and realizing poverty relief development is 15 (d+d) ± 5%. Model name MVV PVC insulated PVC sheathed mine power cable mine electric energy transmission line, but can not withstand external mechanical force mvv22 mine PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable mine electric energy transmission line, can withstand certain external mechanical force mvv32 mine PVC insulated fine steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable mine electric energy transmission line, It can bear certain tension mv42 PVC insulated thick steel wire armored PVC sheathed mine power cable. It can bear large tension. The mine power cable is used in the main line of the power system to transmit and distribute large functional power. The control cable directly transmits power from the distribution point of the power system to the power connection line of various electrical equipment

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