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Cisco released WebEx innovative functions to comprehensively improve employee efficiency and help enterprises return to work safely.

the latest global survey shows that employees are worried about the safety of returning to the office and want to get a better video conference experience

Cisco WebEx optimizes the video conferencing experience through a series of enhancements to enable you to focus on your work

Cisco provides new sensors, equipment and analysis to ensure that employees can return to the office safely

on October 13, 2020, the COVID-19 in Beijing has completely changed our working methods and our views on returning to the office. Recently, Cisco released a new global survey. The respondents included more than 1500 enterprise executives, it and business heads from North America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific, including China. The survey shows that in view of the current health crisis, 95% of employees feel uneasy about returning to the office, 98% of employees expect to participate in video conferences at home in the future, 53% of enterprises are planning to optimize the office layout, and 96% of enterprises hope to improve the working environment with the help of intelligent technology

in this context, Cisco collaboration business department recently released innovative functions related to remote and office work experience to support the team to obtain security assurance and achieve excellent work results in 2020 and beyond. In order to achieve the goal of 10x optimized conference experience, the innovative functions of this release include:

webex conference: help people get 10x better remote work experience than face-to-face communication.

according to the survey, 58% of the respondents said that after the end of the epidemic, they would continue to work remotely for 8 days or more a month. Therefore, from the perspective of enterprises, it is particularly important to improve the experience of using domestic beneficiation facilities to produce lithium concentrate through video conferencing. WebEx has rich functions, which can support users before, during and after the meeting. Therefore, we have added more functions:

attend the meeting in the form you want. Can users only wait patiently before the meeting starts? Use this time to customize your personal image in the meeting. We have enlarged the view so that you can clearly preview how your background will be displayed. Of course, you can also select a virtual background. We have also added more similar humanized functions

stop searching how to use software functions. We have introduced a new simple design, which places the controls in the most reasonable position to avoid covering and sharing. This is because the polymer is composed of long chain elements, which can better adapt to your screen size. Want to chat with someone? Please hover over their avatars. Need to adjust your audio? Just hover over your avatar. It's that simple

you can customize it. If the speaker doesn't open the video, your screen will be filled with a gray dialog box. Do you hate this situation? Now you can command WebEx to hide these non video participants, which is one of many customization options in this update. Once customized, it can be applied to every meeting

say goodbye to background noise. In WebEx meetings, distracting noise is a thing of the past. By the end of this month, the babblelabs technology we have acquired will eliminate the vacuum buzz and enhance the sound quality of the speakers so that you can hear more clearly

adapt to the current situation: technology to help employees return to the office safely

whether you think employees need 3 months, 6 months or 12 months to return to the office, enterprises are very clear that they will usher in far-reaching changes, so they must be prepared. Enterprises need to optimize their space, address employees' concerns about health and social distance, and plan how to clearly convey policies and information. Cisco is providing customers with data and tools to support employees returning to the office. Specifically, we are adding:

add more environmental sensors to WebEx devices. Cisco takes the lead in using sensors in collaborative devices to provide important environmental data points for users, it and employee experience experts to ensure safe and comfortable workplaces. Previously, we released sensors that detect ambient noise levels and calculate the number of people in the space. Now, these sensors and the data they collect become more important because they can identify underutilized or overcrowded spaces. Other sensors will also collect data on room temperature, humidity, air quality and light. In addition, we have made the attendance counting function more intelligent. Relying on machine learning, WebEx will help companies comply with room capacity limits and determine whether people wear masks (regardless of where they are in the room). Quickly identify work areas with environmental barriers, so that enterprises can take actions to help participants and remote participants in the office improve their work efficiency and the quality of meeting experience

webex room Navigator: new equipment for indoor and outdoor meetings. Enterprises need a new way to deal with meeting space to ensure its security and optimize its use. Today, we are announcing two new versions of WebEx room navigator. Like all the above sensors, they are specially manufactured devices. They are placed inside and outside the conference room, providing users with intelligent and secure room reservations, and providing in-depth data for it and facility managers. Outdoor mode makes it easy to find and book rooms; It clearly shows the free time of the room and changes the status to reserved when you enter. You can activate it by touch or by sound to avoid contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Indoor mode provides alerts such as social distance and cleaning schedule, and supports you to book indoors. Both versions have a digital signage model, so businesses can use screens to convey important information. Even better: the built-in unattended technology will automatically detect whether no one is present at the scheduled meeting, and make room for other teams to use

webex control center: in depth and operable workplace analysis. Our survey shows that less than half of the enterprises are able to calculate the room utilization rate, indicating that they lack the visibility required to set up appropriate clearance appointments, which is the most concerned issue when employees consider returning to the office. The webe x control center can meet the visibility that this enterprise desperately needs. It will now provide historical insight into room utilization and room environmental indicators (such as reserved but unused rooms), average utilization of all spaces, and ambient noise levels. This information provides actionable information for workplace decision makers to optimize real estate utilization

integration with partners: to further protect employees

we announce three types of integration:

digital signage and communication with the appSpace team. Integrating appSpace in the control center makes setup very simple. For WebEx desk pros users working in the office or at home, appSpace provides enterprise dynamic and modern digital signage and team communication options

collaboration insights with vypota. Provide in-depth operational insights into people, space, and technology in office and remote collaboration. With vypota's support for Cisco and third-party UC technologies, it intelligently plans to return to the office safely and optimizes the collaboration experience

use mazemap to show the way. If your meeting room reaches the upper limit of safe social distance, our integration with mazemap can help you find another available room and guide users to find it, so that you can continue to conduct meetings efficiently

support introduction

JEETU Patel, global senior vice president of Cisco and general manager of security and application business, said:

the future office form will be mixed: people can work at home or in the office, depending on the nature of their work. Our mission is to make the WebEx experience 10 times better than face-to-face communication. When people communicate face-to-face, we hope that through highly integrated collaboration devices and software, WebEx can deliver a video conferencing experience 10 times better than that in the past. The innovative functions released this time are a big step forward in seamless collaboration, ensuring that employees can safely work remotely, while realizing an intelligent hybrid work experience to help people safely return to work

Ben Watt, who is in charge of information technology services at the James Hutton Institute, said:

webex room navigator is small and modern in appearance, simple in operation and convenient for daily use. Colleagues like it very much. The environmental indicators provided by the room navigator are very valuable, bringing us an unprecedented look and experience


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