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Cisco WebEx: there is a job called holding meetings wherever you want

last meeting, you were still on the sunny beach with blue sea and blue sky. How did this meeting turn into a snowy Mount Fuji

for people living in the digital age, if you are not far away from the earth, as long as you have a network, as long as you own a PC or other mobile devices, the key to reshaping the competitiveness model is to adhere to the reform and opening-up line. There is a client named WebEx on the mobile device. Whether you want to make a call or video conference, WebEx can let you communicate seamlessly. In addition to not having to consider the expensive international roaming charges, the conference background can change

this is the Cisco WebEx collaboration artifact! With this artifact, we can always get to know each other with our partners all over the world. Through cooperation, we are full of wisdom in our work! Through collaboration, we can hold meetings wherever we want

experience is king and gives you what you want. The office space in the digital age is more innovative and flexible than ever before, so modern office cannot leave collaboration. Cisco defines collaboration as the act of cooperating with others to produce or create affairs. Collaboration has become the right way for many enterprises to connect with each other every day and complete their work at a faster speed. Cisco WebEx is the platform to support your collaboration. Cisco WebEx collaboration products include unified communication, conference, contact center and collaboration terminal

Cisco WebEx won the award of leader in the magic quadrant of Gartner conference solutions for 12 consecutive years in 2019. WebEx goes the farthest on the forward-looking axis and the highest on the executive ability axis. This honor is undoubtedly the highest praise and recognition

so when you say that our company already has an IP system and a video conference system. Oh, yes. Congratulations, you have taken a big step on the road of collaboration

however, you wanted to make your office more efficient through these systems. However, it backfired. When you found that after the enterprise deployed several independent systems that practically achieved zero "arbitrary charges", they could not communicate with each other, resulting in different technology islands. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain different system platforms. Once a system fault occurs, troubleshooting takes time and effort, and pain will follow

frustration or distraction in the face of switching between collaboration tools should not be the norm

now, you need to evaluate a single supplier collaboration solution that integrates software and hardware, provide a consistent user experience in all conference rooms and all equipment, and reduce the total operating cost as much as possible

providing employees with an excellent collaboration experience should not be a difficult task. These tools should be very safe and easy to manage. Cisco has achieved this goal through profound professional knowledge and technical strength. Cisco WebEx collaboration system provides modern and unified experience for employees by creating a simple call, information and conference platform, so as to improve efficiency

you can deliver all work from a single platform in an integrated way, including calls, messaging, meetings, devices, call centers, etc

whether you use a mobile device, desktop computer or other devices, you can feel a familiar and consistent way of working. Switch from a mobile device to a meeting room device with one click on Cisco WebEx. For IT departments, this means excellent administrator control and security through a single window. And whether you adopt cloud mode, local mode or hybrid mode, Cisco WebEx can fully meet your needs

the design goal of Cisco WebEx series products is quite clear, that is, experience is king. These experiences are not only more convenient and simple to use, but also the key is to make the system maintenance personnel get the same experience

video is undoubtedly a very important experience in enterprise collaboration. Therefore, video is preferred in Cisco WebEx collaboration solutions. Now, WebEx meetings can accommodate up to 1000 people and add more storage, advanced security and analysis capabilities

today, Cisco WebEx can not only meet the needs, but also provide a good experience. It has many functions, such as clear picture and sound, speaker tracking, best view, Automatic wake-up and number statistics. It also upgrades the collaboration experience through artificial intelligence

have you ever thought that a seemingly ordinary call would expose our personal privacy data due to lack of appropriate protection measures. Cisco WebEx can provide a collaborative way to ensure security and compliance

organic integration and seamless collaboration

Cisco's full range of collaboration terminals include: WebEx board, webexroom series, WebEx room panorama, videophone, WebEx desk pro, jabber series client, headset, IP phone, etc

jabber, which is popular with Cisco and has tens of millions of users, adopts the same appearance and style as WebEx teams, and all devices use the same operating system to ensure that all applications can work together

Cisco WebEx board has completely changed the way we work. It integrates a dry demonstration screen, a full digital whiteboard, and an audio and video conferencing system that must be performed before wireless molding. The main requirements of team collaboration in physical meeting rooms are integrated into one device and connected to the cloud to realize continuous workflow

Cisco's famous cucmip communication management platform can provide enterprises with a core and complete communication architecture, which is the guarantee of consistent service experience

this is not enough! Cisco has also built a world-class network to support these devices and applications

Concorde has become ubiquitous. Cisco collaboration has become the most widely used product and solution in application scenarios. More importantly, Cisco has directly integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology into its product portfolio, creating a cognitive WebEx collaboration platform

Cisco WebEx now is an organic whole that integrates both visible and touchable devices and invisible black technology

the original text was published in 2p of the december2019 issue of the digital business era

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Cisco technology talent show series activities:

transformation of collaborative space - creating a different workspace seminar invites you to participate

in order to complete the work efficiently, your team needs a hand weighing tool and a meeting space of appropriate size. What changes can Cisco WebEx collaboration terminals bring to you

10:00-11:00 on January 9, 2020, we invited Mr. zhengjiyun, the product architect of Cisco collaboration team, to explain Cisco WebEx's product highlights and deployment advantages. You will learn how Cisco WebEx provides a consistent meeting experience for meeting rooms in any space


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