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Cisco WebEx room USB, a powerful tool for small team collaboration and communication

when telecommuting has become a new normal, we choose different cloud video software to communicate freely in different occasions outside the conference room

however, what followed was a poor communication experience, and it was difficult for small teams to obtain excellent sound and painting quality. The focus and enjoyment of communication experience are almost extravagant. Is there really no way

cisco WebEx room USB came into being. It is small and powerful, and meets all the imagination of small team collaboration and communication

the new Cisco WebEx room USB is a simplified version of the WebEx room kit Mini. It is an intelligent video conferencing solution suitable for small team workspaces and compatible with many software collaboration clients. Cisco WebEx room USB provides a simple and intuitive user interface. You can control the device through the remote control or through your software client. When the device is in standby, it can vividly present the media information you want to play on the screen, and upgrade your display screen to a digital sign. At an attractive price, you can also get the high-quality experience provided by Cisco in a small space

webex room USB has the following advantages:

it is designed for small open spaces

a USB cable provides vivid video and audio experience for video conferencing software (Cisco or friends). Progress in design and utilization of green functional packaging materials

based on the same hardware as the room kit mini, 4K ultra-high definition lens, best view, built-in beamforming microphone matrix and high fidelity speakers

digital signage, visitor wireless sharing (WebEx registration required), web ex control hub centralized management (WebEx registration required), etc

the most important thing is that when customers are deeply moved by the function of room USB, they urgently need the impact speed: 5.2m/s for a better video experience. Room USB also supports the upgrade to room kit mini to enjoy the experience brought by the special video terminal in one step


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