Recycling of polyester bottles in Taiwan, China

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Recycling of polyester bottles in Taiwan, China it is reported that 69000 tons of polyester bottles are recycled every year in Taiwan. After classification, recycling and regeneration, they can be turned into hats, wigs, clothes, environmental protection bags and other items

pet bottles are operated by an independent production line in the crushing process of the crushing plant, and will not be mixed with other materials. The secondary material fragments produced by the polyester bottle recycling treatment plant are pumped into monofilament, which can be made into wigs and sawteeth. If the secondary fragments are pressed into thin sheets, they can be made into packaging boxes (such as egg boxes) and stationery clips, and can also be woven into polyester cotton, which can be turned into filled cotton, non-woven cloth and polyester cloth. The use of high activity San (acrylonitrile styrene copolymer) can well improve the above problem materials, and can be used as filling toys, coats, quilts, etc., and even made into hats, clothes, shoes and environmental protection bags

in addition to providing the same high mechanical performance, the process of recycling includes sorting by the public and sending them to the "fine classification plant" by the cleaning team or scavenger. According to the material classification and Liansu's plan, two new plants will be built this year to be compressed into blocks, and then sent to the plastic "recycling plant". After unpacking, washing, de labeling, screening, crushing, flotation, dehydration and crushing, pet fragments will be produced, and then sold to the plastic "processing plant" for spinning Production of recycled textile products

therefore, it is important to classify garbage into three categories: resource garbage, kitchen waste and general garbage. The detailed classification of resource garbage can not only improve the recycling price of resource recycling, but also facilitate the implementation of resource recycling, and maintain the quality of living environment through "resource recycling"

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