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Less than 40% of plastic bags pass the random inspection. Experts advocate choosing biodegradable or recyclable shopping bags. Release date: Source: Jiangsu Radio, television and financial media. Therefore, the paper industry will continue to be a year of challenges and opportunities. Editor: Yu Jia. Number of Views: 2982 copyright and disclaimer

core tips: shopping, shopping in supermarkets, ordering takeout. Plastic shopping bags can be seen everywhere. Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the results of random inspection of plastic shopping bags. The data showed that the pass rate was less than 40%. So what is the problem

[China Packaging News] shopping, shopping in supermarkets, ordering takeout, plastic shopping bags can be seen everywhere. Recently, the development of lightweight vehicles is an urgent need to realize China's low-carbon economy. Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the spot check results of plastic shopping bags. The data showed that the pass rate was less than 40%. So what is the problem

of the 68 batches of products sampled this time, only 26 batches were qualified, and the qualification rate was only 38.2%. The unqualified items mainly focus on the indicators such as identification, thickness, physical and mechanical properties, etc. It is learned from some retail stalls that the price of a bundle of plastic bags ranges from a few yuan to a dozen yuan, with good or bad quality. Some plastic bags look very rough, only a vague product name is printed on the bag body, and others are simply "three no products", which smells pungent

the plastic bag salesperson told me that it was produced by some small workshops that were not standardized. Its raw materials are cheaper than ours. Its raw material is propylene ethylene, which cannot be degraded. We are polyethylene. There is a price difference of several thousand yuan per ton

Jiangsu taibiran: look at the plastic bag in my hand. It looks thin. When I pull it hard, I feel that it will soon break and is not strong. During the interview, we found that many citizens had used a plastic bag with a verticality of 1/1000 on the bottom surface of the main seat, which was rotten and scattered on the ground

a Nanjing citizen told me that the interface of the bag is usually torn open

why is the plastic shopping bag not durable? According to the analysis of quality supervision experts, this is related to the substandard physical and mechanical properties of the product. In this spot check, items such as lifting test of 1 batch of products, drop test of 5 batches of products, sealing strength of 1 batch of products and dart impact of 18 batches of products were unqualified. These problems may lead to bag breakage and bag body breakage during the use of plastic shopping bags

Jiangsu taibiran: 18 batches of plastic shopping bags were found to be unqualified in this spot check. Let's take a look at the qualified products. The product name, bearing weight, specification, manufacturer and other information are clearly printed on them. In fact, these signs are like a manual in the process of use by consumers. Through this information, we can know whether the bag can contain multiple things at most, or whether the bag can be recycled

quality supervision experts remind consumers not to forget to check the product logo when choosing plastic shopping bags, and select the specifications of plastic shopping bags according to different uses. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is best to choose biodegradable or recyclable plastic shopping bags. It would be better if you could bring your own shopping bags when shopping

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