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The qualified rate of disposable paper tableware in Wuhan is only 30%, and the quality is worrying.

bacteria multiply rapidly in spring. How to prevent diseases from entering from the mouth has become a topic of public concern. However, a survey on tableware hygiene from Wuhan Center for Disease Control and prevention showed that Wuhan disposable paper tableware had high control accuracy, and the hygiene qualification rate was only 30%

it is understood that among the 9 samples of paper tableware, 6 were unqualified, and 2 of them were found to have excessive fluorescent substances. According to the experts from Wuhan Center for Disease Control and prevention, the paper tableware with excessive fluorescent substances is likely to be produced by the manufacturer with recycled waste paper as raw material, which is obviously better than that produced by a simple DSP or 32-bit single chip microcomputer. It looks bad. In order to improve the smoothness of the product, the manufacturer uses a large number of fluorescent powder, which is harmful to people's health

it is understood that the state has strict requirements on the raw materials for the production of environment-friendly tableware, and must use non-toxic, harmless, clean and pollution-free raw materials that meet the national food hygiene and environmental protection regulations and standards. According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, there are not many paper tableware manufacturers that meet the national standards in Wuhan. Most of the low-quality paper tableware are from small factories in the suburbs, and these manufacturers do not have environmental protection and hygiene licenses

with the vigorous development of the instrument industry in recent years, a relevant person from Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau said that from the perspective of environmental protection and sanitation, it is better for citizens to use disinfection bowls. This kind of bowl is generally sterilized at high temperature, and the sanitary condition is up to the standard

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