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Tianjin Port spent nearly RMB 800million to purchase advanced container equipment recently, Tianjin Port signed the equipment procurement contract for beigangchi container terminal phase I Project (section a). Tianjin Port ordered the world's largest container machinery manufacturer, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Group, the world's most advanced container shore bridge and yard bridge equipment with a value of nearly RMB 800million. It is the first time for Tianjin port to purchase container handling equipment on such a large scale

it is understood that Tianjin Port will order the most advanced 11 container quayside bridges and 33 container yard bridges in the world from Shanghai Port Machinery Group Co., Ltd. with a total contract amount of 783million yuan. The fatigue testing machine will be delivered before December 3, 2006 based on the principle of electromagnetic resonance. Among them, the quayside bridge has a track gauge of 35 meters, a lifting height of 42 meters, an overhang distance of 65 meters, a rated lifting capacity of 65 tons under the spreader, and can lift two 40 foot containers at the same time. Among them, the three indicators of track gauge, lifting height and double container lifting capacity have set a new record in Tianjin port, and have the ability to pick up and unload the world's largest container ship; The yard bridge is divided into 20 sets of 61 ton yard bridges and 13 sets of 40.5 ton yard bridges. It has the characteristics of high stacking layers, large span and fast lifting speed. Among them, the 61 ton yard bridge can simultaneously lift two 20 foot containers, stack 5-storey containers and span 6-storey containers, creating the highest level in Tianjin port. The above equipment will be located in section a of Tianjin Port beigangchi container terminal phase I project, which is located in the west of the planned beigangchi. Four special container terminals will be built to meet the docking requirements of 70000 to 100000 ton container ships

in recent years, the development of containers in Tianjin Port has been accelerating. The throughput reached 4.8 million TEUs in 2005 and is expected to exceed 5.8 million TEUs this year. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, Tianjin Port will invest 36.7 billion yuan in infrastructure such as wharf and waterway. We will make use of the advantages of post doctoral activity station to continuously improve the software functions and mechanical performance. By 2010, the container throughput will reach 10million TEUs. As an important part of several container terminals planned and constructed in the north harbor basin of Tianjin port, the first phase of the north harbor basin container terminal project will contribute a lot to the realization of this goal. By 2010, with the construction of the artificial island, Tianjin Port will also complete the construction of phase II and III container terminals on some deep water shorelines on the East and west sides of the north harbor basin, forming a total of 16 large modern container berths, with an additional handling capacity of 9million TEUs. By then, the container handling capacity of the whole Tianjin Port will reach 12million TEUs

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