Indian tyres mainly depend on the domestic market

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Indian tires mainly depend on the domestic market

according to the statistics of Indian Automobile Tire Manufacturers Association (Atma), in the fiscal year, the turnover of Indian tire industry was about 8billion US dollars, the output reached 123million pieces, and the total import and export volume exceeded 17million pieces, ranking among the top five tire manufacturers in the world

multinational companies see that HRC is the most used in general production India

"in recent years, India's tire industry has developed rapidly, and now there are 39 tire companies and 60 factories, large and small. International famous tire enterprises Michelin and Bridgestone have settled in India, and Yokohama's factories will also start production in India in September 2014."

at the 2014 China Rubber annual meeting, Rajiv budhraja, Secretary General of India automobile tire manufacturers association, introduced

it is reported that since 2010, the average annual growth rate of Indian truck and bus tire production has been only 3%, with little growth; However, the output of light commercial vehicle tires increased rapidly, especially in the fiscal year, with an increase of 23%; Car tyres have also increased significantly, but compared with other models, the growth rate of car tyres is unstable; In the fiscal year, the output of tricycle tires and tractor rear tires declined

exports only account for less than 10%

at the meeting, the Indian representative said that India's tire industry is also facing some problems, such as great uncertainty in downstream demand, insufficient capacity utilization, problems in product structure and quality, etc

bukhraja made a comparison between India and China's tire industry. He said that China and India are both latecomers in the field of tire production. In terms of production capacity layout, the tire industry has gradually shifted from the western world to Asia in the past 20 years. Moreover, both China and India have gradually transformed from traditional tire products to radial product markets

buhraja also said that the scale of tire manufacturing is related to infrastructure. India's infrastructure is improving, and the scale of tire production is also increasing. Due to the uncertainty of the international economic environment, India's tire exports currently account for only 8%-10% of the total output, and are relatively more dependent on the domestic market

"generally speaking, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles, India's domestic market is still good." He said so

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