Indian tobacco industry requires sufficient time t

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The Indian tobacco industry requires sufficient time to adjust the label

the Indian cigarette industry suggests to the Federal Ministry of health that they must be given "sufficient" time to implement the label requirements for adjusting cigarette packaging proposed in the proposal. At present, the Indian Ministry of health is discussing with tobacco products and cigarette manufacturers to determine the new label requirements, including the size specifications of warning messages and pictorial warnings. Director of the board of directors of the Indian tobacco research institute, Mr. sunDeep Kumar, senior vice president of corporate affairs of Godfrey Phillips, said: "In most countries, cigarette manufacturers have two to three years to prepare for the implementation of the new health warnings printed on cigarette packs. Our tobacco industry has asked the Ministry of health to provide sufficient time for the world to implement the new labeling requirements for these three new formulations of tobacco at the U.S. NPE exhibition as early as this spring."

the Ministry of health may specify the area on the package for printing health warnings. Mr. Kumar said: "we usually use mineral oil with medium viscosity. We think that 30% of cigarette packs are used to print warnings, which is quite eye-catching." He added that the Indian tobacco product market is not uniform, so Indian cigarette manufacturers need enough time to comply with the new requirements. "For example, taking Godfrey Phillips company as an example, if we want to change the packaging box, we must obtain the permission of Philip Morris tobacco company, because the production of some of our products can only be carried out through their licensing. This will take time. We are ready to comply with the label requirements, but these requirements should not be vague, and we should not give an unfair advantage to an industry."

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