Tianjin refuses entry of uncrushed waste plastic c

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It is reported that in the first half of this year, Tianjin entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau intercepted 8 batches of waste with unwashed and uncrushed plastic containers, with a total weight of 267 tons and a value of 81500 US dollars. The Bureau has returned all wastes in accordance with relevant regulations

uncrushed waste plastic containers are prohibited by the state, mainly to prevent illegal businessmen from using these waste plastic containers to contain drinks and harm the interests of consumers. At present, in China, the market price of waste bottle cap and waste bottle body is significantly higher than that of broken 2 Material of outer box: steel plate baking paint waste plastic. In addition, the labor cost of cleaning and crushing abroad is also relatively high. Therefore, some enterprises are willing to take the risk of importing uncrushed waste plastic containers

the manual clamping samples of imported waste plastics have been increasing in recent years. In the first half of this year, Tianjin Port imported 3315 batches of waste plastics, with a total weight of 166000 tons and a value of US $52.08 million, up 91%, 94% and 173% respectively over the same period last year

"environmental protection, lightweight and energy saving" has become a hot topic nowadays


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