Indian textile industry companies are gradually tu

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Indian textile industry companies are gradually turning to the domestic market

affected by the appreciation of Indian rupee, the improvement of Indian textile industry has promoted the in-depth cooperation between Dongqing and these enterprises in the fields of air chemical industry, electronic technology, commercial aircraft, etc., and diversified high profit professional products, so as to gain a foothold in the competitive global market. India's 850billion rupee garment and textile export industry is in deep trouble

Alok Industrial Company will increase its diversified products and focus on eco-friendly textiles, such as organic cotton products. Alok industries is a Mumbai based textile company with a value of rs. 25billion. Sangam India Ltd., a polyester dyeing yarn manufacturer, has increased the price of yarn by 9%-10% in the past few months. Royal classic group increased the price of clothing by 3%

since March, the Indian rupee has risen by 12% against the US dollar. Exporters are currently struggling with up to 50 per cent of unused capacity as consumers switch to low-cost alternatives. Rigid labor laws do not help them in any way

according to the survey of Indian Chamber of Commerce and industry, the income and profit of textile exporters decreased by about 9%, which is due to the appreciation of the rupee. For example, the income of exporters may decrease by 11% in the next six months

the prices of most products have increased. The tax rebate rate for higher quality silk fabrics began to increase. The tax rebate rate limit of 250 rupees per kilogram of silk fabrics has increased from 8.3% to 10.8%, reaching 325 rupees per kilogram

the new tax rebate rate for bedclothes, linen tablecloths, linen sanitary supplies, linen kitchen supplies and cotton curtains reached 9.1%, and the limit was not rs. 110/kg. The previous tax rebate rate was not 6.4%, and the limit was rs. 64/kg. According to the estimates of the Ministry of textiles of India, by 2012, the market size will reach 115billion rupees, the export target is fixed at 55billion rupees, and the domestic market may grow to 60billion rupees

at present, the market scale of Indian textiles and clothing is about 52 billion rupees, and the export volume in the fiscal year reached 19.2 billion rupees. If the export target of 60billion yuan in the 11th plan is achieved in 2012, India's market share in the world textile trade will increase from 3% to 8%


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