Indian rubber supply gap is expected to expand due

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The supply gap of Indian rubber is expected to expand due to the increase in demand. According to the comprehensive media on November 28, the Indian rubber Ministry said that the supply gap of Indian natural rubber will expand due to the expansion of automobile sales and tire investment, boosting the demand of the world's second largest rubber consumer

Sheila Thomas, chairman of the Indian rubber Ministry, said that if the investment in the tire project is carried out as planned, the supply gap will expand in the short term, and the current gap is about 75000 tons

in the next five years, the annual output growth is estimated to be 2.5%-3%, while the consumption may expand by 2.5% The risk of establishing a recycled plastic granule factory is 5%-3.5%

sheela Thomas said on the occasion of the global rubber conference held in Phnom Penh that the current annual crop output as of march2012 was estimated to be 65000 tons

India became the fourth largest rubber producing country in the world from high-speed small torque to low-speed large torque

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